After Vw's take over of the Bentley plant in Crewe UK some top Germans came to plant to see basically what they had purchased. They were blown away by the craftsmenship of the people at Crewe. While in the sheet metal shop they saw a project undertaken by the metal crafters where they had taken a wrecked Bentley Azure convertible and grafted a very rakish metal roof to it. This added to a more slanted windshield harkened back to the swoopy shape of the original Bentley Continental coupe of the 1950s. The VW guys loved it and it was shown at the next Geneva auto show to rave reviews. Anyway, after starting to build the new “small” Bentley with the VW W12 engine, VW engineers also revamped the 6.75 liter V8 Bentley motor (with 82% redesigned parts and twin turbochargers) it now put out 530 hp. It was decided to make a limited run of 550 of these new “Brooklands” coupes. They were built only in 2008-2009. They were pretty much all sold before they were completed and 32 made their way to the USA. This is a very dramatic car, both beautiful with it's pillarless design and extremely great to drive. “ It is large but in charge”, a friend of mine commented. Truly one of those automotive oddities that shouldn't really exist in todays “throwaway” world of cars...but does.