On the one hand, you have the raucous XK140 roadster, while on the other end of the XK range, you have the civilized, Jaguar XK150 Drop Head Coupe (DHC). This particular car was sold new in Atlanta and never left. I wanted to make this one something to use often....so we fitted the car with multi port fuel injection, 5 speed trans, electric power steering, and air conditioning (the condenser is in the the trunk floor where spare used to rest. Cooled with fans and exhausted through under floor louvers instead of in front of already overtaxed radiator). We also devised a system to exhaust engine heat, with bilge fans, out through side fender air vents.(which you may notice are now facing backwards). Built by Donald Lower and the guys at our shop, this is a wonderful driving car that can be used even in the hottest Atlanta summers. Who says, "you can't actually use old Jags"?